Minggu, 08 November 2009


Talks about a wide range of fashion taste, art, and premium brands, ORE is surely on top of the list. With broaden variety and tons of cool premium brands, locally and internationally. You may find a great selection of OBEY, Dim Mak, Casio, and other coolest brands around.
Just recently in 2008 ORE ( Other Rag Enterprise) finally brought to the street, a store that are about educating, outspeaking local’s timid demeanor, and giving a lot of smiles and poises presenting brands they love! The thought of creating ORE popped out after a quite long time meeting juggernauts of great friends, artists, and designers at gigs, parties, galleries and friend’s houses. And having great chances to travel overseas and see such staggering diversity in youth cultures and opportunities doesn’t make them leave their roots, but more like being encouraged to rotate their household so as to enthuse the locals and support the myriad aptitude towards fashion and art!

Click here for some visions: OREISNOBODY

P: +6231-5323231 | F: +6231-5469404

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