Selasa, 10 November 2009


Came to wreck the stagnancy, Born to reign the legacy. Solid Gold emerged from the rough-contoured landscape of Semarang City on 2008. Solid Gold manifested its roots on the left-hand path which others may not take. Began its empire as a feeling of boredom on nowadays cliché clothing industries which gone through similarity and copycat attitude, Solid Gold went on a bold yet sharp designs containing the love of prominent things such as favorite music, mythology, and Crowley’s occultism with burst of sincerity as the icing of the cake. Solid Gold’s S/S 08 limited collection threw out simple but iconic typography mayhem silk-screened on heavy duty cotton. Thanks to the hand-crafted cut and sewn, its specialty goes to the edgy yet strong sewn which probably the best in town. As strong as its unique character.

Took a bareback riding on a jezebel and jumped onto the King Midas myth. Solid Gold continued to climb on top with once again limited collection A/W 09 including the distinctive collaboration with Semarang’s metal juggernaut Bring Her Head to Athena entitled “M.I.D.A.S”. And also pay a good attention to the black and white gargantuan print of King ov Hell in their latest design, this time is for blackest of the black summer holiday. Don’t worry too much, you won’t wear the same t-shirt like your lame neighbors have, Solid Gold concerns in what they call “you-know-that-i-dope” ethic which means limited numbers of t-shirts = dope to the fullest. Only around 20 were made and no re-release. So to speak, once they’re gone they’re gone forever. You have to be fast and be the raddest bloke in the hood.

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